Individual Bondholders Forum Update

On 2023 February 05 the Government of Ghana issued its Ghana DDE – 2nd Amended and Restated Exchange Memorandum to holders of what it termed as Eligible Bonds – CIS Holders or Individual Holders (IBs) below the age of 59 years old as of 31st January 2023 (Category A), Individual Holders (IBs) aged 59 years […]

DDE-3 & The Way Forward

This presentation reviews the Domestic Debt Exchange and its implication for individual bondholders and collective schemes. It is a document of the IBF prepared by its technical committee for general informational and educational purposes only and does not replace the individual bondholder’s responsibility to seek independent professional advice. The IBF and its technical committee shall […]

DDE Update and Way Forward

Man standing with forward direction arrow

As the deadline for the proposed debt exchange remains set for the 31st of January 2023, we wish to provide an update to individual bondholders and collective investment scheme investors, and fund managers for their guidance. A. HIGHLIGHTS OF MOF MEETING WITH IBF ON FRI. 27th JAN, 2023. B. THE IBF POSITION C. RECOMMENDATION TO […]

IBF Release – 26th January, 2023

Thursday, January 26th, 2023. Dear IBF members and our Compatriots, Any moment from today, the report of the joint technical committee of Individual Bondholders Forum ( IBF) and the Finance Ministry shall be shared with you. This is subject to the acceptance of the Minister of Finance. However, is important to state that the IBF […]

Press Release – GAB MoF Deal Affirms need to Exclude IBs and CIS

We have taken note of the joint press release by the Ministry of Finance (“MOF”) and the Ghana Association of Bankers (“GAB”) dated 23rd January 2023. We congratulate both parties for reaching a deal towards the reengineering of our economy. We observe with delight government’s various incentives provided to the banks which among others include […]

Bondholders to lose 88.2% of investments at current inflation rate

Ghana IBF

The Ghana Individual Bondholders Forum has hinted that bondholders will lose about 88.2% of their investments at the current inflation rate if the government goes ahead and include individuals in the Domestic Debt Exchange programme. According to the Forum, the bondholders will however lose 71% of their investments when discounted at current Treasury bill rates […]